How and why I work with 3D CG and why none of my scenes are complete

There is a context for the scenes I create. I do not want to go into much detail now, but it is a project that will never end. I do not create scenes to be photorealistic, I do not have the patience nor the skill for it. The visualization and the scenery is my goal. That's good, because 99.9% of my scenes are not complete. Seems to me, there are two methods of doing a task. Creating a 3D scene is no different, generally speaking.. One method is to have a final product in mind, but at each step (or element), complete the details for that step, until the project is done. Second method is making several passes, and each pass gets more detail. The first method, I suspect, is probably used by most, more professional 3D artists, and is probably better. But the second method is the one I use because my goal is to create the visualization of a scene. Complete just enough of the scene to remind me what's in my mind for that scene. Usually, after I get enough for one scene, I get too excited to work on another scene.

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